Friday, May 12, 2017

Banned from Anthrogenica, Censored by Eurogenes, Laugh at Eupedia

Several posters at Davidski's Eurogenes blog have noted that they've been banned from Anthrogenica for challenging the Kool-Aid drinking orthodoxy that infects that website.

The pattern almost always goes as follows.  A regular Anthrogenica poster says something like, "Isn't the Kool-Aid grand?"  A newcomer says, "I don't want to drink your Kool-Aid."  The Anthrogenica regular says, "I'm right, you idiot."  And then the newcomer says, "You're the idiot" -- and yep, you guessed it, only one of them gets banned.

It's gotten so bad that some of the best citizen-scientist minds, and almost all contrarian voices, are gone from that website.  In the old days, the orthodoxy sought to excommunicate Galileo from the Catholic faith.  Now they excommunicate posters from the major discussion websites.  No dissent allowed.

With Dienekes inactive, Eurogenes is where many go for discussion.  But Davidski has been very heavy with the censorship button there too.  Post something he disagrees with?  He removes your comment.  It's really sad.

I myself have tried to post my most recent thread, about applying simple demographics to his "Conquest and Warfare" fantasies, and he always removes my comments asap.

What does that leave?  Eupedia?  Maciamo is a reductio ad absurdem idiot, who also doesn't hesitate to ban people with any contrarian viewpoint.

So, this is it.  This is your thread.  This thread (and this website) is for anyone Banned From Anthrogenica, or Censored by Eurogenes.

Post away.  You will not be censored here.


  1. Yes..i have experienced the same... it is quite concerning the the skill of debate is non existent when discussing theoretical ideas in the origins of various genetic groups. It is very clear that their is a bias with a cline to justify beliefs as opposed to being open minded to work with the evidence. Keep up the good work.

  2. eupedia is defined by just one person "angela" who seems to live in her own world and doesnt come across as someone healthy, in fact sickening in every dimension.

  3. ^true that
    the "angela" is really mentally unstable and on eupedia 24/7 (i suspect vaginel hygenes as the reason). her behaviour on there is however only tolerated as a sort of comic relief which in its deranged nature (a deranged woman losing it completely) very entertaining.